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Test Your Business I.Q.

March 17th, 2005 by Bob Bly

You are opening a new bar. For your bartenders, you can hire either:

A. Hot, beautiful young women.
B. Hot, hunky young men.
C. Frumpy, middle-age men.
D. Frumpy, middle-age women.

Which would you choose? And why?

Note: After you?ve had a chance to respond, I will reveal the correct answer, the logic behind it, and the business lesson it teaches us.


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216 responses about “Test Your Business I.Q.”

  1. Danny said:

    The fact that disciminating against any applicant based on either age or sex, except in cases where it is critical to the performance of the job, aside…

    I’m torn between A and D.

  2. JasonM said:

    I’m in Japan, where it’s perfectly legal to discriminate when hiring. Hire C for the bartenders and A for the waitresses.

  3. Jonathan Kranz said:

    Trick question, perhaps? Because you didn’t give us enough info to make an intellegent choice. Where’s the neighborhood? Who are the clientele? In my neck of the woods, Boston, there’s a heck of a big difference between running an Irish pub in Southie and a chic watering hole in the South End.

  4. Susan Getgood said:

    Don’t know why but I’ll go for the frumpy middle age men as the bartenders
    For young kids, they’re your dad
    For men, they are your pal
    For women, they can be the nice safe guy you sometimes wish your guy was….

    Bob… tell tell

  5. Debbie Weil said:

    Hot, hunky young men (obviously). 🙂

  6. Toby said:

    I agree with Debbie…hot hunky young men! If that’s the right answer I want the address of that bar.

  7. Michael D. Pollock said:

    As much as I enjoy “hot beautiful young women,” the real answer depends on who the bar’s patrons will be.

  8. Paula Richey said:

    I think the young and good-looking bartenders won’t be as dependable – they will be distracted by endless come-ons and pestered for free drinks. I’d go with the frumpy older men just to keep running a business, not a dating service. That is, if discrimination wasn’t an issue.

  9. Brett Cooper said:

    As others have mentioned, it depends on the sort of bar you want to open. Assuming you want a large clientele who spending big bucks and you don’t care what kind of bar you open, then I’d say you need hunky young men.

    Let’s face it, guys — particularly young guys – buy most of the drinks. They don’t go to bars to pick up female bartenders. They go to pick up female patrons. Hunky bartenders ensure more female repeat customers who in turn draw more paying men.

  10. Harry Joiner said:

    Total guess: Hot men, to attract women, who attract male patrons?

  11. Bruce DeBoer said:

    I share the opinion of Jonathan Kranz and Brett Cooper. Assuming that you can find equally dependable, efficient and sociable people in each demographic, I’d want to know who my clients are and where the bar is located.

  12. Jim Logan said:

    Crap! I hate questions like this 🙂

    I say you hire hot, beautiful young women. Beautiful women behind the bar attract more women to the bar – it’s the place for attractive women. More men come to the bar because there are more women there. Men buy more drinks.

  13. Aaron said:

    Old frumpy man, to attract more old frumpy men, who have a larger disposable income, and nothing to do but drink and bitch about the “good ole’ days” because they are retired.

  14. Dawney said:

    Frumpy old men. Based only on generalizations, younger women usually feel comfortable around them (like daddy’s and grandpa’s), and younger men don’t consider them competition.

    I’ve probably just put the bar OUT OF BUSINESS!

  15. Jason said:

    Young women
    The male patrons buying the drinks are more likely to freely part with their money for little value in return. Look at the “gentlemen’s” clubs. Men throw their money away for nothing their. Put a good looking woman behind the bar or serving and guys won’t complain about the watered down drinks.

  16. Yolanda said:

    Emmm….I think this is a trick question, but I say frumpy middle-aged women since their role can be the the motherly, care-taker who can provide sound advice and insight and will not distract male customers or to be non-threatening to women customers, but can be fun-loving and exciting and sellable to all age levels and walks of life.

  17. Jerm said:

    Pick the hot hunky men as bartenders and the beutiful women as watresses. Appeals to both sexes.

  18. Massha said:

    Hire A to attrat more clientelle

  19. joanna said:

    definetly A. walking advsertisement, misleading but an advertisement. The older folk might have a problem remembering all the orders

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  26. kami said:

    my answer is A or either D

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  31. Mike H. said:

    Well, I would imagine what TYPE of bar is the question that is not answered. And the location would be pertinent.

    If I am opening a sports bar, hot ladies. If I am opening a ‘town bar’, then frumpy men.

    But, if forced to choose with the known information and the choices above, no question it would be C. Less threatening, and stereotyped as a good ear.

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    A:Hot, beautiful young women

  104. Kim said:

    four of them are possible, just depends on the type of bar that i’m opening.

  105. pushy said:

    My answer is A though…

  106. Frances said:

    A and B types would NEVER go for such work position – you might consider them hot and attractive but then you’d be obviously wrong! Such young people have way better options! On the other hand, real attractive young persons are not well accepted in their role of servants simply because they hit badly on the customers’ ego! So, young and beautiful is BAD FOR BUSINESS!

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