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The Value of a Facebook Fan

June 16th, 2010 by Bob Bly

According to an article in PR Daily Newsfeed, the average Facebook fan is worth about $136.38.

In addition, Facebook fans spent an extra $71.84 they would not otherwise spend on products they describe themselves as fans of compared to those who are not fans.

I haven’t made a dime from my Facebook fans. If anybody can show me how, I’ll pay you!


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53 responses about “The Value of a Facebook Fan”

  1. Greg said:

    I have bought from you. I will go to Facebook and become a fan. Now, pay up.:)

  2. Paul Ramirez said:

    PSYCHIC WAGES! The satisfaction of knowing that people are willing to become your fan.

  3. josh said:

    It’s a chicken and the egg argument…….are they fans because they already like your product or do they become fans first and then start spending.

    I think its more the former than the latter…..

  4. Isaiah Treder said:

    Im very curious how they came up with this number, im not sure it’s a good representation of the the typical fasebook fan.

  5. martin start said:

    @ Isaiah

    I’m also curious how they can actually provide estimates for the total worth of a particular FB fan page. Though it’s really possible for FB fan page to earn that amount especially if it’s popular.

  6. Hayes Thompson said:

    If you have a list of regular clients, you could encourage them to join your facebook club, which would entitle them to certain loyalty discounts (after all, they are your regular clients). You could create a club. Perhaps you have one already. Just migrate it to facebook. It’s just a medium but a place where many people ‘hang out’ already. It’s also free. You could run your emails through that group, too, which might save you money. But you’d soon be making money from your fans. You just have to get your clients to become fans first. Of course, it would work with prospective clients, too. You just say ‘join up for the best deals’. Simple.

  7. Anthony Cole said:

    Fan page can have its value if there are so many active followers. As far as logic is concern. How could it be possible? Well, you need to have interesting topic about your fan page that can drive visitors and will definitely join your group. That’s precisely the point there.

  8. Djole said:

    PehariIt’s also free. You could run your emails through that group, too, which might save you money. But you’d soon be making money from your fans. You just have to get your clients to become fans first. Of course, it would work with prospective clients, too. You just say ‘join up for the best deals’.

  9. Michael Searles said:

    Hi Bob . . .
    Nice to hear you will pay anyone who can show you how to make a dime from your Facebook fans.
    A very wise teacher suggests I should ask you this . . .
    “Do you have a budget for that?”

  10. Jack's Customized Fat Loss said:

    getting a lot of people liking your page and your product will make you benefit from it. I can’t believe how far Facebook has grown!

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  11. Niloy Sarkar said:

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  12. E Wiki Bio said:

    I am pretty sure that even though millions of users follow them on Instagram, some have no clue what their favorite celebrity’s Instagram bio is.

  13. romi gupta said:

    Nice to hear you will pay anyone who can show you how to make a dime from your Facebook fans.

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