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There’s No Pleasing Margaret

February 25th, 2012 by Bob Bly

I recently gave a one-hour phone seminar that was free.

You’d think FREE would  be a fair price. But Margaret isn’t satisfied.

“I did not sign up for the teleseminar because it would cost me an arm and a leg to listen in by phone,” she wrote.

There’s no pleasing some people.

“I would gladly sign up for a computer seminar where I could watch and listen over the Internet or you could send me an email that I could print off and follow the advice.”

By the way, the session was in fact a webinar and  you COULD watch and listen on your computer. This was made clear on the registration page. (We did not offer a transcript … because the session was free!)

As I say, there is no pleasing some people.



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50 responses about “There’s No Pleasing Margaret”

  1. Aaron Poehler said:

    Well, you can console yourself in the certitude that someone who can’t read properly will never learn anything about writing anyway.

  2. Phil S. said:

    Curse you, Bob. You should have gone to her home and repeated the entire seminar. It is, after all your mission in life to prevent people from having to pay for phone calls.

    Or you could offer to pay for her phone bill or broadband connection for a month, that might help.

    I guess you just don’t know how to satisfy a good customer…

  3. Bob Bly said:

    You said it, Phil.

  4. Michael Irvin said:

    This type of genius marketing thinking is exactly what sets Bob Bly apart from other copywriters. This is simple, clear, direct logic which happens to be true.

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