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What is a “Guaranteed Best-Seller?”

April 11th, 2012 by Bob Bly

Today I received an e-mail from a semi-famous business author. In it, he announced that he was working on a new best-seller.

Not to nitpik, but I beg to differ. He is working on a book that he HOPES will be a best-seller. But to describe the book-in-progress as a best-seller in the present tense is silly.

He may think his book has a good shot at  making the best-seller list. But it certainly hasn’t yet.

In his e-mail, he also refers to the book as “a guaranteed best-seller.” Again, NO ONE can guarantee that their book will be a best-seller, even if their previous books have been.

This is a good example of hype  that in my view goes a little too far. It is dishonest and not credible.


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  1. Paul Merrill said:

    Along those lines, “If you hire Bob, he writes every word himself – an advantage available from no other source.”

    I know of a LOT of copywriters who do not hire out their work.

  2. nikhil said:

    Reading your work has really helped critique manuscripts and authors that come my way both for publishing and ghostwriting

  3. Gary Grimes said:

    Mr. Merrill, I take those words to mean there’s only one Bob Bly.

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  5. Bob Bly said:

    Paul, Gary is right: No other copywriting provider can guarantee every word written by Bob Bly but me.

  6. shopping said:


    […]What is a “Guaranteed Best-Seller?” – blog – direct marketing blog[…]…

  7. Galactic said:

    There is no such thing as a “guaranteed best seller”. You can try to write a good book and have a good chance of being read by an OK amount of people, but that as far as you could predict, at most.

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