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Why I Want to Hunt Down BB Like a Dog

April 20th, 2007 by Bob Bly

BB, an old ad agency veteran whom I always liked and respected, resurfaced in my life via e-mail … but not in a pleasant way.

He starts off nicely enough, asking if I remember him and giving me a nice compliment about my being a smart guy.

But then, he says: “But I get annoyed at the get-rich-quick schemes you lend your name to on the Internet” — referring to my endorsement of Matt Feury’s upcoming seminar on e-mail copywriting.

“It is really beyond the pale. There most be a more appropriate way to earn a commission. Jeez…”

Here’s just a partial list of my problems with BB’e e-mail:

First, Matt Feury is the real deal. The guy spends 15 minutes typing out a personal e-mail, broadcasts it to his list with a mouse click, and makes about $10,000 a day.

He is not a “hustle.” He knows how to make money online, and more important, can teach us how to do so.

Second, BB’s e-mail implies that all Internet marketing is sleazy.

Hey, BB, you were a Madison Avenue ad guy. Who are you to talk about sleazy?

Third, BB also implies that I am a low-life by selling information online.

Is there something inherently wrong or low-class about marketing information online?

Tell that to the New York Times … the Wall Street Journal … Harvard Business School Publishing … Better Homes & Gardens … and thousands of other publishers, small and large, who make great profits selling useful content their buyers love online!

What perhaps is more of a hustle, BB, is trying to convince sucker clients that pouring millions into big print and TV ad campaigns, that can’t be measured and win awards for creativity but not sales, is a smart way to invest one’s money.

You’ve been doing that for years — after all, you’re a smart guy too.

Right, old friend?

But I’m really not angry at BB. Just his ignorance and misconceptions, which so many people share.

If I saw him again, the first beer would be on me — with a warm handshake and a smile….


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20 responses about “Why I Want to Hunt Down BB Like a Dog”

  1. Robert Rosenthal said:

    With BB, it’s just jealousy.

  2. Ali Manson said:

    Hey Bob,

    I think that a lot of people would question the ethical and moral impications of being able to make so much money with comparatively little effort.

    I mean, short of robbing a bank, there isn’t an easier way for the lay man to make a large amount of money than by successful online marketing.

    There are sleazy elements in internet marketing (snake oil salesmen, poor copywriting, poor products, etc etc) but these are all things you will encounter offline as well.

    I think a lot of it is to do with branding. People recognise and respond to brands, and without a brand to rely on, a lot of people will react with scepticism to certain offers from internet marketers.

    But hey, when you’ve made your living on Madison Avenue charging companies millions of dollars in exchange for advertising that fails FAR more often than it succeeds, then wouldn’t YOU be sceptical of what anyone else has to offer?


  3. Fern said:

    Ali – Real sleazy sales happen all the time on TV, on the radio, in the mail and via fake sales calls. Old folks have been robbed blind by doing stupid things when people ring their doorbells or give their credit card number to some sleazeball over the phone.
    As with all things that we decide buy, we must take some responsibility for doing due diligence.

  4. Zac Vega said:

    I agree with Robert, I think BB is just jealous. If I got an email like that I would actually consider it a compliment.

    Also the fact that he told you this in a email seems very cowardly. I believe Matt is the Real deal, just as I believe that Bly is the real deal.

    Sleazy sales…what is everybody talkin about? All of us are ‘sold to’ everyday, and whether you see it as sleazy or selling with integrity, it all still has one aim, response.

    I actually admire anybody who can sell me in that manner, it means they’re good.

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