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What to Charge for Webinars and Teleseminars

February 15th, 2010 by Bob Bly

Like you, I get a lot of invitations to attend teleseminars and webinars, and lately, I’ve been paying more attention to the price.

The cost to attend those events for which there is a registration fee (many are free) seems to range from $19 on the low end to $149 at the high end. Length is either 60 or 90 minutes.

As a tightwad consumer, I prefer free or $19. But many customers are gladly shelling out $49 to $79 and occasionally more.

Topic doesn’t seem to be critical, as I recently saw two different promoters charge widely different pricing ($29 vs. $149) for the same topic (for a marketing oriented webinar)!

As a marketer, what do you charge for your teleseminars and webinars — and why?

As a consumer, what price are you willing to pay?


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69 responses about “What to Charge for Webinars and Teleseminars”

  1. Matthew Jones said:

    Of course, I prefer to attend webinars for free! In case I badly want to be at that webinar, I’m only willing to pay reasonable amount $10-$20 maybe.

  2. David said:

    Looks like the comment spammers have attacked. Perhaps it’s time to change to a different version of captcha.

    I’m willing to pay $50-$100 for a webinar if the speaker is good and the topic timely.

  3. What To Charge For Webinars And Teleseminars – Blog – Bly | Thorn in the Tower said:

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  4. Idris said:

    “As a tightwad consumer” hahahah!

    Sounds like me too… ; )

    P.S.: I would pay accordingly… according to
    (1) Who’s giving the presentation
    (2) What its about and
    (3) Can it make me more money…

    Hit on all three and I’m willing to pay more…

    I would of course love FREE… being a tightwad myself : )

  5. Zama Zincume said:

    Bob, it depends who’s offering these webinars and teleseminars. For example, if Bob Bly was offering a teleseminar on copywriting and specifically coming up with headlines, I’ll gladly pay up to $100-why? He’s good!

    There are really others that I wont pay anything.

    The question is. Am I getting value that will bring in profits to me?

  6. Marney said:

    Bob, I’m glad someone is asking this question.

    I get invites to teleseminars and webinars daily – many more teleseminars and they are the ones that are starting to really bug me.

    Free or not, how many phone lines do these presenters think we have to assume we can tie the lines up for each of them anywhere from 1-3 hours at a time? To me, it gives them an air of self-importance and inconsiderateness that turns me off.

    However, if they offered a webinar as an alternate way of tuning in, or why not instead? – I’d see them as having some humility and giving thought to MY needs, not just their own(selling something).

    As far as cost goes, if the seminar is a tool to make a sale, I won’t pay a thing. No, I lie. I did pay $19 for an Alex Mandossian 3-hr marathon because it was immediately relevant to my business and I got the answers I needed without having to fork over several thousand.

    If the seminar is a complete package, not a lure, then I would pay according to its value to me.

    Tightwads unite!

  7. Mele said:

    @Marney: I don’t understand your view. Why would the choice to present teleseminars be about the presenter’s ego? It’s really a matter of customer preference.

    I view a teleconference much as I do an audio CD. I can listen to the audio while driving. Likewise, I can listen in on a teleseminar while loading the dishwasher or cooking dinner. You can’t do that with a webinar.

    I look for value in the content, and if I have that, I don’t care much how it’s presented.

  8. Sam@roofmaintenance said:

    Free or not, how many phone lines do these presenters think we have to assume we can tie the lines up for each of them anywhere from 1-3 hours at a time?


  9. said:

    I’ve been producing webinars since last summer, both as a lead-generation tool for my own business and as a product/service that my company sells. We’ve been testing free vs paid webinars trying to determine which is best. One school of thought is that by charging for the webinar it actually creates value plus it requires some skin in the game on the part of the attendee. So far we haven’t found a clear-cut winner: free or charging. We’re finding them both about equal after having done 3 free and 3 fee-based. FYI, we’ve been charging $29 for the fee-based webinars which allows enough room for coupon code discount incentives to spur sign-ups as the date gets closer. Free webinars don’t give you that tactic. Thoughts?

  10. Plant pages said:

    As a consumer, I would go for something which is less than $50 and it should be more than 1 hour duration.And topic also should be interesting and worth attending.

  11. Brandon said:

    @ Samsonmedia:

    Who are you using for your paid webinars? More specifically, what vendor are you using to process the payments and set up coupon codes? I’m having trouble finding a company that can do both for a reasonable price.

  12. rain boots said:

    Personally, I won’t attend to paid webinars unless I really know the author. He/she needs to be the best or else I’ll just put my money on waste. Of course, I want to maximize the benefit of the fee.

  13. Jackie said:

    I’m willing to pay for webinars only if the speaker is really an outstanding one. Meaning, He’s really an expert on that particular subject matter. Otherwise, I will only prefer free webinars.

  14. buy aircraft tools said:

    You have asked an excellent issue. I do be in agreement with your piece of writing. It is all about put into practice.

  15. Tim said:

    Everytime I spend my money, I make sure that it is a good decision. I’ve tried attending webinars for free, but of course I’m willing to pay the a fee unless I’m sure that the person who will conduct the webinar is a very reliable one.

  16. Web Design Hampshire said:

    your article is right and legal…
    I think the webinars and teleseminars should have a lower cost so that everybody could attend them in right way…

  17. RC heli said:

    I think it’s funny that people think things are revolutionary when apple does them, even though they have been done before. I hate to tell you all this but, Blackberry has included video cameras in their phones for years.

  18. Susan said:

    I doubt i would pay anymore that $40, but if the topic is really intersting and something that cant be missed i would be willing to go up to $60

  19. Donald Brown said:

    I have to agree that charging for a teleseminar adds value to it because if you have to pay for it, then that means that the information being presented must be really good or top notch.

    This isn’t to say however, that free teleseminars aren’t any good because I have been on a number of free Internet marketing related teleseminars that were really good. It is just that if you have to pay for one, then you should know that the content must also be top notch. I wouldn’t mind paying for a call so as long as the price is reasonable and the content is going to be relevant to what I am doing, or interested in.

    Now as far as the price goes, it all depends upon what you’re doing with the call. If the call is offering some really good training and no sales pitches, then a good reasonable price point would be somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $20 for the call. However, it is really up to you as to how much you charge for the call.

    If you wanted to, you could do a test and offer a teleseminar at $1.99. That would let you know that people would be willing to pay for a call. A teleseminar at only $1.99 is a no brainer to pay for and most people ahve that much just laying around inside their couches and such.

    Seriously though, charging at least $20 for a call is quite reasonable in my book, and I would gladly pay that for a really good call.

  20. kalena said:

    I TRY never to justify why I charge or what I charge for anything but, I couldn’t resist this thread. I know I speak for others, too, on this subject when I say that I believe there is value in what I have to present in the webinars.

    I’ve been in my industry for over 17 years and I know that what I have to speak about is VALUABLE to others because it has been proven over and over by my clients paying upwards of 5-10 times as much for the same in-person content of my webinar topics.

    The cost of CREATING my webinars that give attendees even ONE take-home is about 6+ hours of my own time. So, if I am to stay in business at all, I have to charge something. There’s creation of the webinar and topic, arranging & expense of the delivery tool, the time to make the presentation, etc., etc.

    Glad to hear that some people in the thread are willing to pay. Like anything else you pay for, you gotta do research on who the speakers are AND the content has to be appropriate to you.

  21. kalena said:

    Oh yea and about the ONE take-home for the attendees, some have said that their take-home’s have been INVALUABLE and have “changed their lives.” So, they obviously think their tiny “investment” has paid dividends and will continue to throughout their LIFETIME – yay for them.

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