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5 ways to profit from a powerful USP

December 22nd, 2017 by Bob Bly

You probably already know what a USP is.

But many people say to me, “Yes, I know what a USP — but why
would I need one? What is it good for? If I had a USP, how would
it help my business?”

Well, here are 5 specific areas where having a USP can make your
job easier while improving your business results:


One of the toughest objections in selling is, “Why should we buy
blue widgets from you instead of our existing supplier or your
other competitors?”

With a USP, you can confidently and immediately respond with a
powerful, well-thought-out presentation of why you are different,
better, and the smart purchase decision.


We are taught to stress benefits in marketing, but if every
marketer in the field makes the same benefit claim, how can your
campaign possibly stand out?

The answer: formula a great USP and feature it in your ads,
letters, websites, and newsletters.

3–Content marketing.

We know content marketing is hot right now.

Well, one of the best applications is to create a white paper
clearly articulating the USP, and offer it as a lead magnet.

Doing so takes your USP from a brief differentiating factor to
blowing it out in a more well-reasoned, credible, in-depth
argument for why we are better than the competition.

4–Email marketing.

Offer an e-class — an auto-responder series of content-rich
emails educating your prospects on the details of your USP.

If your USP is strong, true, and sincere, it should go a long way
toward moving prospects on your e-list further along the sales


Your telemarketing reps face a tough, uphill battle on a long
road fraught with difficulty and disappointment.

But a well-crafted USP can help them turn things about — by
saying right up front something different and important that
catches prospects off guard and gets them to listen a bit more.

This simple 5-point checklist is just the tip of the iceberg. But
it should be a sufficient idea-starter list on the road to
maximizing ROI from your existing or new USP.

By the way, here’s an article I wrote explaining how to create a winning


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