The worst thing about being an info marketer online

December 19th, 2017 by Bob Bly

Recently subscriber SP wrote to me and said:
“Bob, I purchased your e-book 3 days ago, and the status of the
order is pending. Would you please tell me when I will receive
my purchase?”

The day before, another subscriber and customer, SH, also emailed
to ask me where was the e-book he had ordered a couple of days

This happens all the time. Why?

Not because we didn’t send the e-book the customer ordered

We did.

In fact, a link to download is automatically sent via
auto-responder to everyone within minutes of their purchase — no

What SP, SH, and so many others don’t get is that the reason they
didn’t get the e-books they order is on their end — typically, an
overzealous spam filter, Internet Services Provider (ISP),
corporate firewall, or other technical barrier to delivery.

Yet, I know from numerous email exchanges that, even if
customers are polite in their inquiries … and they almost always
are … when I ask them — well yes, they really did assume, though
they are not irritated, that for some reason we did not send the
product they asked for.

Makes no sense, but in cases of non-receipt of product in every
business, the customer always assumes the fault is that of the
seller — though it is virtually always one of the reasons I just

So I am reaching out to all of you info marketers who subscribe
to my emails to ask one simple question:

If you also have this “where’s the info product I ordered”
problem, how do you handle it?

Now, you may be wondering how I respond to SP, SH, and others who
ask, “Where’s my info product?”

Simple. I don’t.

I forward their complaint to my customer service manager JV.

Here’s how she responded to SH:

“I’m sorry that you had trouble receiving your e-book and also in
leaving voice mail for me.

“In fact I had received your email. I responded to that yesterday
morning and sent you a new download link along with the PDF for
your purchase. My apologies if you are not receiving these
messages from me.

“I’m attaching the PDF for your e-book to this email and if you
could, please confirm once you have received it. I’ll also
resend the download link again as well.

“Please let me know if you need anything else.”

And that’s it. Easy peasy. As the kids say, “No biggish.”


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14 responses about “The worst thing about being an info marketer online”

  1. Dominik said:

    Simply redirecting people to the download link/file immediately after the purchase in their browser window should lower the rates of these complaints and make for a better customer experience.

    Also very important that you checkout/digital delivery software clearly states that they will be get their download in this very window soon is important for this as otherwise many of them will close it too early.

    Also you can automatically add them to an email drip sequence where they get a separate email from your ESP where it explains to them that not getting the product a few minutes after buying it often means it is stuck in the SPAM folder. If they don’t find it they can simply reply to this email (which goes straight to your customer service manager – no need for you to touch the email anymore). They are happier and you have less work.

  2. Solar Movie said:

    I know from numerous email exchanges that, even if
    customers are polite in their inquiries … and they almost always are … when I ask them — well yes, they really did assume, though they are not irritated, that for some reason we did not send the product they asked for.

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