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I am once again embarrassingly transparent

March 7th, 2018 by Bob Bly

Previously, I’ve commented in this e-newsletter on an internet
phenomenon — “transparency.”

It’s the odd but true fact that your email subscribers are, for
some strange reason, not just interested in learning more about
your topic — but also about you.

Apparently, spilling your guts — and sharing personal details —
engages many of your subscribers just as well or better than your
content-rich messages.

So, in the interest of transparency … and Lord knows if you
really care about this, but in case you do …

… here in no particular order are 10 things I like but realize
many others may find stupid, silly, moronic, immature, or all

1–50 Cent. So sue me. I like 50 Cent … though given inflation,
maybe he now goes by 75 cent. I don’t know. But whenever I hear
“In Da Club,” I start moving to the music — and, I do not dance.
(It’s also used in a pretty good new horror movie, “Happy

2–Superman. Seinfeld and I have one thing in common: a Superman
obsession. I have been reading Superman comics since the early

I have a collection of hundreds of Superman and other DC comics.
There are three Superman figurines adorning my office shelves. I
even wrote a book about Superman and other comic book

(Through writing books on pop culture and other non-business
topics, I have managed to turn many of my outside interests into
small profit centers, to partially alleviate my guilt when

3–Waterworld. This post-apocalyptic movie, about our entire
planet covered by water, though widely panned, is one of my
favorites; I never tire of it. Kevin Costner’s other
post-apocalyptic movie, The Postman, is a close runner-up with

4–Bad weather. Dark days, cloudy skies, rain, snow, sleet, wind,
cold, and dreary weather all bring joy to my heart. Conversely, I
find sunny, warm days incredibly depressing.

5–Kosher salami on rye bread with mustard. This was my favorite
sandwich growing up as a kid. I hardly ever eat it now, because
it is not healthy, and also there is no nearby kosher deli. But I
absolutely love it, healthy or not.

6–Anime graphic novels. Lots of adults find anime silly. But my
youngest son gave me a few of his, and I am hooked. I don’t buy
them. But I borrow his whenever I can. As a kid, I watched 3
anime TV cartoons: Speed Race, Gigantor, and my favorite, Tobor
the 8 Man (yes, Tobor is robot spelled backward):

7–Newspapers. I know I can read the news online. But to me, there
are few pleasures greater than reading an actual paper newspaper.
When I was graduating from college in the late 1970s, I had
dreams of becoming a reporter. But it never happened.

8–Paperbound books. Especially old mass market paperbacks sold in
used bookstores; they have a great feel and unique (and to me
pleasant) smell. I also buy a lot of used hardcovers at library
sales, because I like the protective plastic covers.

9–Libraries and bookstores. Wherever there are books to be
browsed, borrowed, or bought, I am there. Remember the Twilight
Zone episode where Burgess Meredith comes into possession of all
the books he could ever hope to read along with all the time in
the world to read them? Sounds good to me. (Of course, a nuclear
war took place to make it happen, but what else could he do?)

10–Horror … books, short stories, movies, TV … like the old
Chiller Theater. Scary is good. Dark is good. Even gory can be
okay. I’m not particular. I just like a good horror movie. Or
even a grade B one. Favorites include David Slade, M. Knight
Shyamalan, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Wes Craven, to name
just a few.

So, what do you think of my picks and taste — good, bad,
terrible, or laughable? And tell me what YOU like!


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  1. Matt said:

    Great list – thanks for sharing.

    Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters (a band I like more than my wife thinks I should) says “I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.”

    Austin Kleon covers it here:

    I’m only in my 30s, but what’s “acceptable” to enjoy has sure become less restrictive since I was a kid. And I think it’s good (mostly).

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