Get rid of your Sunday night blues

March 2nd, 2018 by Bob Bly

Many working people, both staff and freelance, hate Sunday night.

There are two reasons why.

First, their weekend is over. So for many their fun, freedom, and
opportunity to sleep late — is also over.

Second, they dread the Monday morning alarm clock, getting back
to the office, and facing the enormous amount of work they have
to do in the new week.

Well, I have developed a simple method of overcoming Sunday night
anxiety, eliminating the stress of the work week ahead, and
feeling calmer and more peaceful.

Now, I want to share my secret for wiping away the Sunday blues
with you in this email. If you will let me.

Okay. My finding is that having a deadline on a big project early
in the week — Monday, Tuesday, and even Wednesday — creates
maximum Sunday night anxiety.

And that in today’s busy business world, many people have big
early-week deadlines almost many weeks of the year!

Therefore, my technique is to rise early on Saturday and Sunday,
finish the project, and handed it in via email to the client no
later than 11am on Sunday.

That way, I feel more free and relaxed for the rest of the

Personally, I like working early Saturday and Sunday morning,
while everyone else is asleep and the phone doesn’t ring.

You might not.

But either way, try my method — and see if it doesn’t dial back
your Sunday afternoon blues and Sunday night anxiety by an order
of magnitude.

I bet you it will.

Even if not, your diligence in beating your deadline will put you
in good stead with your boss or client.

So either way, you can’t lose.


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