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Seth Godin Action Figure

August 28th, 2012 by Bob Bly

I was taking a break from writing, noodling around on Amazon, when I came across a most amazing item for sale: an action figure of marketing author Seth Godin.

Godin, who is fairly famous, is the author of Permission Marketing and dozens of other marketing and business books.

Try as I might, I could not envision why anyone would want a Seth Godin action figure … except Seth Godin and maybe his kids.

Would you?

Now I’ve seen everything!


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71 responses about “Seth Godin Action Figure”

  1. Kent said:

    Hahahaha. I would rather have a naked woman in action figure. 🙂

    As you said, why should we have Seth Godin action figure when what we need is his knowledge?

  2. David Bley said:

    Not me. Not into action figures. Like the fact that his work makes me think. He recommends some daily cartoons (sorry, can’t remember name) and they pretty much leave me cold.

  3. Phil Gerbyshak said:

    Seth’s action figures were put together by another company as a throw in for a book – and as a charity piece. Many of Seth’s followers like the reminder of having Seth on their desk as it makes them think.

    The cartoon David Bley refers to is Gaping Void, by Hugh MacLeod. Some are funny to me, and some not so much.

    People inspire me, so I might be game to get one of these action figures, as I could use it as counsel to talk at and think “What would Seth do?” Or maybe not.

  4. Lisa Larranaga said:

    Hi there! I think I need one for Christmas 🙂 It looks like he did it for charity:

  5. Katherine Chalmers said:

    I have one! It’s great fun – I keep it on the desk right next to my Jay and Silent Bob action figures and my husband’s Supreme Court Justice bobbleheads. Sure wish there were a Bob Bly, Fred Gleeck, Eric Ries, and/or Tim Ferriss one to go with it.

    Why shouldn’t marketing and business folks be immortalized as action figures? We’re certainly cooler and more useful to society than pro wrestlers who have their own lines of figures. We’re much less scary than overly photogenic vampire actors.

    Sure, we don’t have superpowers, but have you ever seen the X-Men or the Super Friends figure out an SEO/social media strategy for some boring B2B product? Ha! We definitely deserve our own action figure heroes!

  6. Stacey said:

    You said it, Katherine!

    Talented copywriters have all kinds of superpowers and thensome.

  7. Susanna K. Hutcheson said:

    Well, I wouldn’t want one. But I’m sure there are those who would. I guess I fail to see the meaning of a Seth Godin action figure unless it’s some sort of self promotion. It would just be more clutter and I don’t need any of that.

  8. Richard Armstrong said:

    I’ve got the action figures of all the top freelance copywriters. I stick needles in them.

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