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The most powerful time management technique ever devised

April 7th, 2017 by Bob Bly

lf and instead outsource to others:

>> Lawn care — a total waste of my time. I hire a service to mow
the grass, trim the bushes, and pick up the leaves.

>> Snow shoveling — another waste of time. I have a service on
call to plow and shovel us whenever it snows.

>> Accounting and bookkeeping — I have a bookkeeper on staff and
outsource tax preparation to a local CPA.

>> House cleaning — we outsource that to a housecleaning service,
as I have better things to do with my time than vacuuming or

>> Home repairs — local plumbers, electricians, contractors, and
handymen love us, because they do everything to upkeep our home
and its systems.

Why? Most of the work I cannot even do. The work I could do, they
do 4 times faster and 4 times better than I could.

And I can spend the time at my computer writing for clients
instead, so hiring them is actually a profit center rather than a
cost center. It is. Think about it.

>> Building houses for the poor — good works are important. But
by earning more money, I have more to give to charitable
organizations, essentially “outsourcing” my good works to them.


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    Great food for thought and action, Bob. Each of us has potentially dozens of tasks we can out-source to painlessly “make time to “work smarter.” Make a list of them; check it twice, then act. A “no-brainer!”

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