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The Internet Marketer?s Hall of Fame

July 29th, 2005 by Bob Bly

Readers of this blog liked The Copywriter?s Hall of Fame so much, let?s do another.

Below, in no particular order, are my picks for today?s most influential and successful Internet marketers:

1. Corey Rudl (deceased).
2. Yanik Silver.
3. Terry Dean.
4. Jim Edwards.
5. Joe Vitale.
6. Rich Scheffren.
7. Marlon Sanders.
6. Yanik Silver.
7. David Garfinkle.
8. Maria Veloso.
9. Alex Mandossian.
10. Joel Christopher.
11. Marc Stockman.
12. Tom Antion.
13. Fred Gleeck.
14. Peter Schaible.
15. Don Nicholas.

Do you agree? Any you would add to the list or delete from the list?


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117 responses about “The Internet Marketer?s Hall of Fame”

  1. Steve Slaunwhite said:

    I would add Dean Jackson to the list. Because he rarely speaks at Internet marketing conferences and doesn’t write articles and books on the subject, he’s not well known. However, the success of the many Internet marketing programs he creates for himself and his clients is spectacular.

    I would also add Nick Usborne to the list; mainly for his influence in shifting the thinking about Internet marketing (especially among corporate marketing managers) from technology and graphics to copy and messaging.

    And what about Bob Bly? Didn’t you co-author one of the first books on Internet direct-response — “Internet Direct Mail”?

    But I think the real Internet superstars those that never lived to a web page or email. I’m talking, of course, about John Cables, Robert Collier and other direct marketing pioneers who first mapped out the guidelines and formulas for creating successful promotions. Many, if not all, of their insights still hold true today on the Web.

  2. Steve Slaunwhite said:

    Allow me to correct my last paragraph…

    But I think the real Internet superstars those that never lived to see a web page or email. I’m talking, of course, about John Cables, Robert Collier and other direct marketing pioneers who first mapped out the guidelines and formulas for creating successful promotions. Many, if not all, of their insights still hold true today on the Web.

  3. RichW said:

    I’ll second Nick Usborne. He can take Yanik’s second spot 😉

    But I’ll add that right now the guy I’m watching closest is Hugh McLeod. I think he’s onto something.

  4. B.A. said:

    I would include Matt Furey.

  5. marlon sanders said:

    Hi Bob,

    I think poles like this are interesting. But I almost think a more productive way to look at it is in terms of areas.

    For example, if you’re talking about email marketing, you have to include people who are setting trends like David at and matt at

    If you’re talking about multi-media, you have Mike Stewart at and you have Rick at If you’re talking about sales letters, you gotta have Fortin ( on the list, Garfinkel, and others.

    If you’re talking about helping newbies get started, Ed Dale’s is ground breaking.

    If you’re talking about seminars, then you have The Big Seminar (Armand) and you
    have Yanik’s groundbreaking stuff.

    If we’re talking ppc, then you have Perry Marshall and others. If you’re talking SEO, you have Michael Campbell, Kurt (the blog bomb guy), Pierce and many others.

    Man, this thing we call Internet marketing is such an involved beast that there
    are many faucets to it and no single person can ethically claim to be an expert in
    everything. Although on 4 hours sleep a night (literally) Pierce is doing a heck of a job! Personally, I sleep a LOT more than that.

    Anyway, to see who has broken through the noise in a general way, is also a
    revealing thing.

    There are so many players who specialize in different niches that the market
    is fragmented and is fragmenting more.

    Best wishes,

    Marlon Sanders

  6. Mike said:

    You’ve got a great list here and all of the mentioned marketers have had success in many ways. Many of the best internet marketers are unknown, and they will keep it that way. Most of these guys are marketers to marketers and that market is miniscule compared to many, many markets.

    BTW – Marlon, it looks like you’re still using a voice to text software. You have to edit, or you’ll end up with incoherent sentences and miscues like ” poles ” instead of ” polls “. Also, last names only are not PC and don’t help the uninitiated, as the don’t know Pierce from pierce.


  7. Marketing said:

    Yanik’s on the list twice, and Ralph Wilson’s not on there at all.


  8. Brian Ward said:

    I would second Dr. Ralph Wilson, and add Ken Evoy as well as the Eisenberg brothers (

  9. Miss K said:

    Yes Bob,

    You left out one of the Largest and first internet gurus online…
    Tom Prendergass.

  10. PD said:

    …add Andrew Palmer. His work on Bill Bonner’s Daily Reckoning has changed internet marketing. The web site needs help but no one does better email marketing.

  11. Don Nicholas said:

    I’ll second Andrew Palmer. The Agora Media Network is the most fully executed new media content marketing model we’ve found. And with $110 million in 2005 online sales, they are second only to the WSJ Media Network on our Mequoda 500 (a working list of America’s Top New Media Networks based on revenues). Very impressive given the relative size of the two organizations.

    BTW: If anyone has a candidate for our list, drop me an email via the new Mequoda Cafe Daily website.

    Keep up the great work,

    Don Nicholas
    Mequoda Cafe Daily

  12. Eric Graham said:

    Well, if for nothing other than the million dollars in one day stunt… I’d have to throw John Reese into the ring.

  13. Terell said:

    You forgot Brock Felt. He is one of the top, but he works in the background most of the itime so you don’t hear about him to much but beleave me he is one of the best if not the best

  14. Deric Neufeld said:

    Mark Joyner
    Brad Fallon
    Ken McCarthy
    Allan Bechtold
    Bill Glazier
    Gary Halbert…because he is the alpha shit weasel
    among the many other(s)

  15. ahorre said:

    Corey Rudl – because you refer to “internet” – Corey “rest in peace” should out shine the rest. He did it the old fashion way, he earned it.

  16. Sexy Shoes said:

    I vote for Joe V.

  17. Rémy said:

    I would add John Forde, and it’s copywriter’s roundtable

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  19. Scott Hove said:

    I think you have put together a very good list of Internet Marketer’s and it’s good to see the comments of others who are in the business.

    I would nominate David Vallieries for your list as well.

  20. Mark said:

    I would add John Spagnuolo, Vice President of the New Media Institute….

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  32. joe b. truth said:

    I’d advise removing Don Nicholas from the list. He is nothing more than a fraud, a huckster masquerading as an expert in the internet marketing/info publishing space.

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  36. ProCopywritingTactics said:

    I’d like to add Jimmy D. Brown to the list. This guy over-delivers.

    Alice Seba and Kelly McKausey as well – well known in the work at home mom circles.

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