Double your productivity with these 3 little lists

September 22nd, 2017 by Bob Bly

There are a lot of gadgets, devices, apps, and software packages
today people use to keep organized, manage their time, and boost
their personal productivity.

But I don’t use them.

Instead, I’m going to give you my top personal productivity
methodology right now for free.

I use the system with Word — but in a pinch, a pencil and paper
will do just fine.

This is sort of a “personal productivity by the numbers” approach
based on having just 3 simple to-do lists and updating them
weekly; keeping them as Word files on my hard drive makes the
updating — and printing of the revised lists — quick and easy.

You can use more or fewer lists. You can use different lists than
mine. But the multi-list principle is the same.

Here are my lists:

#1: To-Do Today List … This is a list of all current copywriting
projects I am working on for my clients.

It is arranged so that the project with the closest deadline is
number one on the list, the project with the next-closest
deadline is number two, and so on.

This list I actually update several times a week, and sometimes
daily, based on my progress and completion on the various
copywriting assignments.

I begin each day by immediately working on item #1 on the list.

When I am unable to continue because either I am tiring or there
is an obstacle preventing me from doing so (e.g., I am waiting
for a client to provide a promised and important background
document, comments on a draft, etc.), I move on to the next item
in the list.

By having multiple projects and handling them in this fashion, I
maximize my productivity:

When I run out of steam on number one from the list, I put it
aside and move to number two.

So I am always fresh and energized; never bored. And can
therefore write better and faster.

I break my day into one-hour writing increments, taking a 3 to 5
minute break at the end of each hour to refill coffee or watch
Elvis or Dire Straits or Jim Jeffries on a YouTube Clip.

Then I decide after completion of an hour module and during this
break whether to continue with that project or switch gears and
work on another.

#2: To-Do Bob Projects … This is a list of all the projects of my
own I have in some stage of development from “it seems a good
idea” to “currently in progress.”

These projects include: books … information products … columns …
articles … seminars, speeches, workshops, and conferences … and
other projects.

#3: To-Come List … This is a list of my sales leads: marketers
who have reached out to me and expressed interest in hiring me to
write copy.

I annotate the to-come list to note which leads are the best fit
for me, which have an immediate need, and which just want to know
more about me for possible future work.

These prospects are simply listed in descending order of date of
first contact, with the most recent leads at top.

The To-Do Today List is my priority, because contract freelance
copywriting is my main source of income, my bread and butter, and
clients come first.

My second priority is my own projects. I usually work on these
during the final hour or so of my 12-hour day, as a way of
chilling and winding down.

Third comes tracking sales leads and talking with potential
clients, because my first obligation is to my current clients and
projects; I can’t detract from that focus by diverting attention
and energy to potential new business.

And that’s my 3-list personal productivity system in a nutshell:
simple, easy, and it works.


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